Rules & Policies
In order for Desert Mirage High School to be a safe environment and for each student to
have the opportunity to learn, we need each student to do their part in following the
school rules. The following rules will be in effect at all times.
School Wide:
  1. Follow directions the first time given
  2. Stay in assigned areas
  3. Keep hands, feet, and objects to self
  4. No name calling, cursing, teasing, or put-downs
  5. No fighting
Playground Rules:
  1. Follow directions the first time given
  2. Use equipment properly
  3. No fighting
  4. Stay within assigned boundaries
  5. Stop playing when your bell rings
School Bus Rules:
  1. Follow directions given by driver
  2. Stay in your seat
  3. No pushing or fighting
  4. No eating, drinking, or smoking
Students are encouraged to aspire to the following:
  1. Trustworthiness
  2. Respect
  3. Responsibility
  4. Fairness
  5. Caring
  6. Citizenship
Classroom Responsibilities & Consequences
Students and their Teachers will develop guidelines for each class. All guidelines will be
posted and understood by all.
Failure to follow guidelines will result in the following:
1st Offense - Teacher written and/or verbal warning
2nd Offense - Parent Contact, by teacher
3rd Offense - Student Time-Out with another teacher
4th Offense - Parent/Student/Teacher Conference
5th Offense - Referral to Assistant Principal

The following Offenses will result in Suspension/Expulsion
  1. Violent physical contact (fighting, threatening)
  2. Use, possession or distribution of a controlled substance, including alcohol or tobacco
  3. Possessed, sold, or furnished any firearm, knife, explosive or other dangerous object
    that may be injurious to another student
  4. Vandalism or willful defacing of school property, including arson
  5. Bomb threats or false alarms
  6. Extorting money or property by threatening, stealing or concealing stolen property
  7. Sexual Harassment or bullying of any type
Hall Passes
Students must have a valid Administrative Hall Pass to be out of class while school is in
Off-Limit Areas
Students should arrive at school no earlier than 7:00 A.M. Some areas are considered
Off-Limits due to safety factors. Some general guidelines to follow:
1. Students may only be in a hallway or room when teachers are present.
2. All parking lots and driveways are off limits except for arriving and departing.
3. Loitering and playing in the restrooms is prohibited.
4. Students are allowed in the Office for official business only. Students report to the
Attendance Office Window prior to entering Office.
5. Students are not allowed to loiter at the bike racks.
6. Hallways are off limits before starting time and lunchtime.
Bus transportation is a privilege and not a right. Proper bus conduct on buses is essential at
all times to insure the safety of all passengers. Students who misbehave while on the bus or
at the bus stop will be denied bus transportation privileges.
What to Bring to School...
Students should carry a backpack clearly labeled with his/her name. Students will need to
carry their possessions with them at all times.
Necessary Supplies
All students are required to have a notebook. If you do not have a notebook, it will
affect citizenship and cooperation as mentioned in GRADING GUIDELINES and consequently
affect your academic grades. Pencils, pens, erasers, 3-hole lined paper, clearly labeled
backpack, and other teacher requested items are also items students are required to have.
Optional Supplies
Rulers and calculators
What Not to Bring to School...
Students will agree to restrict the following:
Ø No Gum or Candy
Ø No Skateboards
Ø No Sunflower Seeds
Ø No Rollerblades
Ø No Electronic Devices (such as radios, walkmans, pages, video cameras, tape/DVD
Ø No Toys
Ø No Large Sums of Money
Ø No Articles of Value
Desert Mirage High School is not liable or responsible for any personal items brought to
campus including jewelry, large amounts of money or any of the above-mentioned items.
Guidelines for Student Dress
Outer garments will adhere to current dress code as defined by the Coachella Valley Unified
School District School Board policy. Students may dress in regular street clothing so long as it adheres to the district guidelines for appropriate student dress. Any student inappropriately
dressed will be sent to the office for a loaner t-shirt or phone call home for appropriate
Keeping our campus clean is everyone's responsibility. Gum chewing is unacceptable.
Trashcans are provided for litter and trash. They are to be used for that purpose. There are
also bins for recycling bottles and cans.
Sexual Harassment
The district strongly condemns, opposes and prohibits sexual harassment whether
verbal, physical, or environmental.
Verbal Sexual Harassment: Offensive, degrading comments used to describe an
individual, jokes or slurs, graphic or derogatory verbal comments about individual's body
and graphic or verbal abuse of a sexual nature, also, any verbal sexual advances or
Visual Sexual Harassment: Offensive posters, invitations, cards, notes, cartoons, graffiti,
drawings, objects or gestures.
Physical Sexual Harassment: Unwelcome or offensive touching or impeding or blocking
Student Eligibility for School Activities, Clubs,
and Organizations
All students are encouraged to participate in the extensive Co-Curricular and Extra-Curricular
activities at school (during school, after school, holidays, weekends, and vacations). Only
students in good standing may participate. An absence from school on the day of the activity
will result in a student not being able to attend that activity.
Students must maintain a "C"
average and good Citizenship to participate in all school activities.
Student Parking Permits
Designated student parking is located directly behind H4 adjacent to the girl’s locker room.
All student drivers who intend to park on campus must have a Valid Desert Mirage Parking
. You may obtain a parking permit for $15.00 per semester or $25.00 for the school
year in the ASB Office. Students who park on campus without a Valid Desert Mirage Parking
 Permit will risk the possibility of their cars being towed away. The requirements for
parking permits are as follows:
  • Must possess a California Drivers License
  • Current Automobile Registration
  • Proof of Current Automobile Insurance
Main Office A-1
Office hours 7:05 AM to 3:30 PM.
The office is a busy place. Students reporting to the Principal, Assistant Principal,
Counselor, Health Office, or attending to other business of importance, should report to the
main desk.
The office is to be used in a business-like manner. We ask all students to observe
the following rules:
1. Enter the office after having been given permission from a teacher or aide. Only those
needing assistance may enter the office.
2. The office should be quiet at all times.
3. When students are admitted into the office and requested to sit and wait, students
should sit quietly.
Telephones Office telephones are not available for student use except in an emergency.
We encourage visitors to our campus. All visitors must report to the Main Office before
going to any area on the school campus. Parents or guardians of students attending Desert
 Mirage High School are always welcome. Students from other schools, friends, or
relatives are not permitted to visit students or accompany students to classes
during school hours.
Teachers are available to meet with parents before and after
school. We encourage appointments to be scheduled with the school secretary at least
one day in advance.
Leaving School
Desert Mirage High School has a closed campus. Once students arrive on campus, they are to
remain on campus for the remainder of the school day, unless checked out at the Attendance
Office by a parent. If a student becomes ill during the school day, he/she will be sent to the
office with a pass. If necessary, parents will be contacted.

Homework is an important part of a student's learning experience. Students will be
homework and are expected to complete and turn in homework when it is
due. As a general rule, students can expect one to one and a half hours of homework each
night. Homework helps students develop good habits of independent study. The teachers
do not always assign homework. Much of it is the student's responsibility. Homework should
consist of:
1. Completing work not finished in class
2. Practicing work learned in class for better understanding
3. Doing extra work (learning more about the subject)
4. Doing long-range assignments, special projects and book reviews, and extra credit work
5. Reviewing material prior to tests
The amount of time a student devotes to homework each night will depend on how well
they: organize work, manage time, and devote attention to work. An absent student should
contact a classmate for missed assignments. If the absence will be more than three days,
a student or parent should request homework assignments through the Attendance
Upon return to school from being absent, each student is responsible for
asking all teachers what assignments, quizzes, tests, etc., have been missed. Student will be
held accountable for making up this work. Remember, this is the student's responsibility,
not the teacher's.
Student Attendance
California law requires students to attend school regularly and promptly. Student
attendance is a necessary ingredient for student success. Daily attendance at Desert
Mirage High School will provide students with a rich and multifaceted educational
experience. In the event that your son/daughter is absent from school, for whatever reason,
it is imperative that parents notify the school as soon as possible. After three days of
absence, a parent should request homework assignments through the Attendance Office.
Homework may be picked up in the school office after 3:00 P.M. Reasons for an excused
absence include:
1. Illness of student
2. Student Medical/Dental Appointments
3. Student attendance at funeral of an immediate family member
4. Quarantine of student household as directed by Department of Health
5. Participation in religious instruction or exercise in accordance with district policy.
6. Other reasons considered legitimate by the Principal or Designee.
All other reasons not listed above are considered unexcused. Remember: Call Desert
Mirage High School
at 397-2255 ext. 2251. if your child is going to be absent for any reason.

Excessive Absences
Excessive unexcused absences during a session may result in a failing grade due to lack
of participation. No student shall fail a class without notification, in writing, from the school to
the parent/guardian advising them that the student's unexcused absences may jeopardize
the student's grade(s). Attendance will be monitored and reported to Child Welfare &
Attendance when there is a problem.

Truancy is defined as leaving campus or being absent from class without permission. If
a student is missing, his/her name will be sent to the Assistant Principal. A Readmit Slip will
be required from the Assistant Principal or designee to return to the classroom.

Tardy Policy
Tardy means arriving late to school or late to class. Three tardies will result in a
conference with the Counselor/Teacher including a parent conference. The Assistant
Principal will deal with extreme cases.

Withdrawal from School
Parents should notify the school office prior to moving to a new location. The new school
name should be made available to the office. A clearance sheet must be signed by all
teachers and the Library Technician and returned to the office prior to leaving. All
textbooks/library books must be returned or paid for. If not returned withdrawal will not be
Liability for Use of School Property, Books, and Equipment
The students and his or her parent/guardian shall be held financially liable to the school for all
the property loaned to the student that is not returned upon demand. In addition, liability
extends to the damage of the same school property. Failure to compensate the school for loss,
 theft, or damage of school property may result in the withholding of grades, transcripts, and
a new location. The new school name should be made available to the office.
A clearance sheet must be signed by all teachers and the Library Technician and returned to
the office prior to leaving. All textbooks/library books must be returned or paid for. If not
returned withdrawal will not be permitted.
Health Office
ALL STUDENTS MUST HAVE AN UP-TO-DATE EMERGENCY CARD ON FILE IN THE HEALTH OFFICE. THESE ARE USED WHEN WE MUST CONTACT PARENTS IN AN EMERGENCY. Up-to-date immunizations must be in order. If a child is to receive any medication during the school day, the parent/guardian must notify the school in writing.
The Health Office is located in the Administration Building. If a student becomes ill or
needs first aid, report to your teacher and request a pass to the Health Office. Report to the
main office and you will be taken care of by the office staff. If it is at the end of a period or
during passing time, a pass from your next period teacher is required. This applies to all
classes including P.E. Only in cases of emergency will a student without a pass be seen. Other than providing first aid, we are unable to offer any treatment or provide any medication unless  it's brought from home and under the direction of a physician. Any required medication, including aspirin, must be kept and taken in the Health Office and dispensed according to the instructions. Parent/Guardian and doctor authorizations are required. Students taking on-going medication should pick up a form in the office.
A school ID is required to check out books and reference materials from the library. Books are
checked out for a two-week period and reference materials are checked out for one day only.
Computers are available for research.